Partnerships & Sponsorship Agency

As a market leader in Brand Partnerships and sponsorship, UMU Media Group has been able to align itself to some of world’s most iconic brands with innovative partnerships through outside the box thinking. UMU Media Group offers a full service using experience with key digital platforms, for Brands, Companies and Events. We specialise in expanding and developing our clients’ digital profiles and audience.

In today’ cyberspace creation we recognise that to be successful, Brands, Companies and Events must have technology at their disposal, from disseminating information about their performances, to stunning visual identities, to streamlined content and effective global PR.

Our team at UMU Media have a vast pool of creative knowledge and experience, a reputation of excellence, and an access to an extensive inventory of equipment. As the partner of choice for some of the worlds leading Brands, Companies and Events, UMU Media’s team of creative’s, stage some of the most unique, challenging, and groundbreaking projects across a broad range of markets and are on site from concept through to execution with some of the worlds most cutting edge production solutions available to man.