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We’ve created a unique visual system and strategy across the wide existing spectrum of visible mobile applications...
Major Film & TV Placements.
UMU Media Group understands the complexity of bringing substantial Artists together and working on shared objectives.
Creative Services for Writers & Producers
UMU Media Group has enormous experience working with one of the largest Song Funds, liaising with and...
Publishing & Master Rights Acquisitions.
UMU Media Group has an understanding and expertise of Brand positioning to maximise impact.
Synch Licensing
UMU Media Group has been responsible in dealing and establishing a relationship between Government departments and promoting...
Sponsorship & Brand Partnerships.

About UMU

UMU has been created to bring the Fans closer to the Artist.

We give you a unique and intimate access to the Artist or Band. Get exclusive and original content about your Artist or Band to your device as soon as it unfolds. Up-to-date touring news, new recordings and video, all streamed straight to you.


A new model media
agency that sits between
Client and Asset

Advertising, Sponsorship, Brand Partnerships, Strategic Consultancy, Design, Branding, Communications, Management, Music, and Event Production

We excited to announce our latest editorial
with Samsung Electronics
in the upcoming edition of SWM,
featuring the highly anticipated
luxury display TheWall

We give you a unique and intimate access

UMU has been created to bring the Fans closer to the Artist.

We believe that our
works can contribute
to a better world.

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